Currently in Post-Production

Anna is currently in post-production on Blunta mystery thriller which she directed this past summer in Ipswich, MA.

Before Anna Elizabeth James began filming Blunt, Voltage Pictures was excited to come aboard again as Kiss & Tale Productions’ sales agent. Throughout filming Anna created an incredible bond with her cast. Being able to work with Greer Grammer from Deadly Illusions could not be a better gift. If you were in love with Deadly Illusions, our current film in post-production, Blunt, will make you an even bigger fan of Anna Elizabeth James, Amy Smart, and Matthew Davis movies. With an iconic leading female actress, well-known actors, and an iconic song artist, you’ll want to add Blunt to your movie wishlist.

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Logline for Blunt –

A single mother becomes trapped inside her own vacation rental and must piece together clues from the various guests who have stayed there in order to figure out who assaulted her and hopefully survive.

Many ways for the top female directors in the industry to find inspiration for films is on Pinterest. To get an idea of what the project Blunt with Voltage Pictures looks like check out this Pinterest Board.

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