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While editing Blunt Anna Elizabeth James is currently dusting off an old script she wrote in film school called MiSSfits.  

In addition to prepping MiSSfits, Kiss and Tale Productions recently acquired the rights to Praise, the first novel in the Salacious Player’s Club Series written by Sara Cate, and has begun the process of adapting the popular romance book into a feature screenplay. To be apart of the latest news on Praise, be sure to sign up for the newsletter Sara and her team will be sending out at

Anna Elizabeth James thrives to make the best thriller movies, mystery movies, and romance movies, to keep her fans on the edge of their seats. 

Being one of the top independent film companies, Anna is always writing and prepping for her next upcoming movie. Whether you’re obsessed with thriller, mystery, or female gaze movies, Anna’s directing and writing skills will always get you wanting more.

Keep reading for more details on what Anna Elizabeth James‘ is making next.


Logline for MiSSfits –

A group of senior girls sign up for the “sluff” art class only to discover the field trip they are required to attend is on the same day their local museum is being robbed.

Anna Elizabeth James was excited to re-open this script from film school, because as a top female director, she felt now was the time to bring this story to life. Anna is ready to see where MiSSfits will take her as Deadly Illusions was a huge success, and the excitement for Blunt, along with having Voltage Pictures as our sales agent, will have fans even more excited and curious to see what Anna’s next film will bring!

The best female directors have always been the ones to create incredible and outstanding thrillers, mysteries, and female gaze movies. This is why we can’t wait to see what Anna has planned for MiSSfits.

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