Currently in Pre-Production

Anna is currently writing Blunt, a mystery thriller which she plans on directing in Spring of 2022.

Logline for Blunt:

A single mother becomes trapped inside her own vacation rental and must piece together clues from the various guests who have stayed there in order to figure out who assaulted her and hopefully survive.

To get an idea of what the project looks like thus far check out this Pinterest Board.


Other projects on the Kiss and Tale slate for 2022 include:

A sensual drama, Satisfaction, which takes place in Greece. Anna is Executive Producing for fellow trojan Alex Burunova.

A horror feature, Succubus, with fellow trojan, Daniel Hanna. Daniel is writing/directing while Anna is Producing.

A weather anomaly movie, Supercell, starring Anne Heche, Skeet Ulrich, Daniel Diemer and Alec Baldwin which will be released this summer through Saban Films. Anna penned the script with fellow trojan Jamie Winterstern.

A heist thriller, Be Not Afraid, with fellow trojan Brian Scofield. Anna and Brian penned the story together. Brian is directing while Anna is Producing.