meet AEJ • Director, Writer, Producer

In addition to managing the day to day operations at Kiss and Tale, Anna Elizabeth James spends most of her time writing and creating, with the goal of building a unique brand focused on telling stories currently not found in the media landscape – mainly from the female perspective. In her spare time she enjoys putting herself in unique situations in hopes of finding the next great idea or recruiting a brilliant artist to join the team.

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meet Julie Gause • President, Head of Production

Julie’s vast experience of more than 20 years in the industry makes her a valuable asset in recruiting some of the most sought after artists. Having worked on major motion pictures, Julie’s recent producing work includes juggling day in and day out details on projects, giving development notes and keeping her finger on the pulse in regards to what Kiss and Tale should be doing next. A natural leader and competitor, Julie is known for bringing high energy to every room she enters and finding a way to make things happen no matter how difficult the task.

meet Morgan Chaves • Vice President of Production

Morgan assists the Kiss and Tale team with content ideation and development from pre to post-production. Graduating from Rhode Island College in 2021, she holds a Communication Degree with a concentration in Media. Although she is always up for a spontaneous adventure, she does adore alone time to read and write with her Frenchie, Stitch. Morgan has been in love with storytelling for as long as she can remember, and dreams of sharing this love with the world. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and help women through numerous forms of creative content.

meet Trina Jonas • Executive, Head of Development

A voracious reader and strategic thinker, Trina assists the team in development and overall content. A California native who now lives in the Arizona desert, Trina manages her own real estate company while being an active volunteer in her community. In addition to being a valuable sounding board, Trina holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Utah. When not being a taxi driver to her three children, Trina can be found on the beach reading a book or a current script from Kiss and Tale.

meet Emily Rose • Executive, Development

Emily assists the Kiss and Tale team with content creation and ideation as well as managing the website. Emily currently attends the University of Utah with a goal of becoming a dentist. In addition to associate producing the 2nd Unit shoot on Deadly Illusions, Emily is on a mission to form a new type of dental practice that decreases patient anxiety and empowers more women to be dentists.

meet Elizabeth Robinson • Manager

Having been Anna’s manager for nearly a decade, Liz has been a coach and mentor to her every step of the way. As soon as a script or treatment is finished Liz provides invaluable insights and notes. In addition to running her own management company, Signature Ltd., Liz negotiated Anna’s first script sale to Skydance Media and was apart of the success of her other two feature films, both having sold to Sony Pictures. Liz not only has a knack for giving just the right note, she makes things happen. An avid horse rider, Liz is a key component to both the business and development side of Kiss and Tale. Her wealth of experience in the industry as well as her instincts and knowledge will continue to prove fruitful as the team navigates the next decade and beyond.

Signature Ltd.

meet Jennifer Gray• Legal Affairs Advisor

Jennifer signed Anna shortly after her second feature film, having been her personal attorney for over 4 years. Through Jennifer’s reputation, vast knowledge and experience, she has been able to guide Anna and the team in broad stroke decisions, thereby being apart of the overall success of Kiss and Tale. Jennifer joined her firm as partner in 2019 with a focus on emerging and established actors, writers and directors. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children, and holds a BA and JD from Columbia University.


meet Mitra Ahouraian • Legal, Production

Mitra Ahouraian recently joined the Kiss and Tale team as our main production legal. Mitra’s extensive experience includes negotiating and drafting film, tv, music and book deals. Her firm, Ahouraian Law, specializes in intellectual property, entertainment law, and negotiating and structuring artist and production deals for all media. 

Mitra holds degrees from both UCLA and Loyola Law School, with a specialty from UCLA in Entertainment Studies and an emphasis in Business and Legal Affairs. She is known in the industry as an expert who is sought out and interviewed often by major news outlets and stations. You can learn more about film legal on any of her social media channels, most notably Instagram.
meet Caroline Gilbert • Associate Producer
Possessing a degree in English and Writing from Loyola Marymount University, Caroline is passionate about storytelling, in all respective forms. Finding inspiration in everything surrounding her, she assists the Kiss and Tale team with content ideation, development and screenwriting. When she’s not writing (or watching her favorite movies), you can find her enjoying every free moment she has with friends and family.
meet Cailey Laine • Associate Producer

Cailey assists the Kiss and Tale team with content creation and ideation. Cailey currently attends University of San Francisco, majoring in Creative Writing. She also associate produced the 2nd Unit shoot on Deadly Illusions. One of her goals is to empower others as well as promote mental health awareness through the content she creates.

meet Tim Bien • Executive Producer

If Tim is Charlie then we are his angels. Charlie can’t be reached directly. He lives somewhere on the shores of Lake Norman, far east of Hollywood. Tim enjoys reading the latest Kiss and Tale script or treatment and taking an active role in helping others, mainly endeavors led by women. Most importantly Tim is a mentor to Anna and the team as they navigate their current and upcoming ventures.