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One of the industry's top directors, Anna Elizabeth James is a writer/director/producer who first caught the filmmaking bug after being given the opportunity to create her own TV show in junior high school. Ever since then Anna has had an insatiable desire to collaborate and bring artists together towards a common goal. Anna recently finished her fifth feature film...
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Italian Magazine Interview With Anna

Check out the latest interview of Anna with an Italian Magazine, Lo Specchio Scuro, and her thoughts on modern noir cinema. Or read below — In this special issue of ours we are dealing with the comeback of a specific trend within the thriller film genre – the 90s trend labelled the “erotic thriller” – in contemporary promotional and critical…

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BLUNT :: Billy Zane Behind the Scenes

Billy Zane plays the lovable role of “Dr. Walters” in Blunt. Check out this new behind the scenes clip of him talking about his experience while filming!  

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DEADLY ILLUSIONS is listed by POPSUGAR as the Number 1 sexy horror movie on Netflix. Give the article a read here!

DEADLY ILLUSIONS :: One of the Sexiest Movies on Netflix!

Check out this article by The Cut listing the 17 sexiest movies on Netflix, featuring DEADLY ILLUSIONS!

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