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As a creator of worlds, of characters, of this experience we call “movies,” one can only have this post a handful of times.


We did it.

We’re on the other side of Emma’s Chance, the feature I had the opportunity of writing and directing, and where I’ve been the past three months, with my editor, in the bunker. We’re on our brightly colored bicycles (baskets overflowing with fresh produce) coasting downhill, legs out, wind in our faces, laughing and screaming as we enjoy the feeling of being free.

I call this the “release” period –

“the best feeling in the world” period,

or “this rarely happens, so enjoy this feeling” period.

I mean, the best. (Except for maybe child birth, ha) For a period of 24-48 hours I step back, take a slight breather, and enjoy our hard earned sunshine.

Movie making is grueling, grueling work.

Much of your physical and financial well-being is tested, your mental state even more so. You’re constantly being critical of what you’re creating, looking at everything from a multitude of angles and perspectives; essentially being hard on yourself. You have to be. If you want the work to not just be good, but great, you have to push yourself more than you think you can muster.

And then you have these moments where you know what you’ve done the BEST POSSIBLE work you can do, where you’ve exhausted EVERY possible scenario/conclusion, you’ve checked and re-rechecked every nook and cranny, and in this case, every frame, and most of all, have been honest in asking and listening to feedback – and you reach a CLIMAX.

And doesn’t a climax feel good!


So there you go. Our little gem of a movie is on her way, entering sound design, music, VFX and color with master artists, adding to the work so many have contributed.

Sigh. I love this feeling.

She’s sailing strong now.

Enjoy your mini-moments of success, especially those big ones. Pat yourself on the back now and then when you do something hard and challenging, and enjoy that ride downhill before having to go back up, pumping hard on those peddles!

x and LOCKED,





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