The Power of a Rainy Day

Why are rainy days so intoxicating and powerful for a writer?  Or for a reader.  Or for anyone else craving creativity?  Why do I long for a hot cup of tea when I hear the rain outside my window, the sounds of water beckoning me as I sip?

I awoke to that fresh rain smell this morning, the ideas and my momentum already swirling.  The scenes, the tone, the world, the fragments of this story, circulating in the forefront of my mind, desiring to fly out.

In the past I would have beaten myself up for not being completely present on days like these; where I live in the world I’m writing more than the world I’m living.  But I don’t do that to myself anymore.  I understand this is part of the process.

I made my coffee, grabbed my scarf and gloves, and kissed my babes goodbye – all in a blur.

Today was the day where all these things, the tireless work Michael and I have endured over the past five years, needed to be transported to the page for the first time in story form.

First I had a meeting with my editor for Emma’s Chance.  We talked through some of the broad strokes on our nearly picture-locked movie and began working on final tweaks.

Then the power went out.

And our work came to a halt.

And as the rain poured on, the gloomy grey sky said to me, “You are meant to write today Anna.”

CUE the familiar tactics of procrastination – normal life responsibilities, social media distractions, updates for my new blog, etc.

Here I am though, seven hours later and on the other side of it.

It is out.

The TREATMENT and OUTLINE lay before me on lined paper, my pen resting alongside a drenched tea bag, sitting in a dish.  How I got here, I do not know.

I refill my cup of tea and look out at the headlights passing through the wet pavement in the Los Feliz neighborhood I’m currently sitting in, thinking about this imaginary world, now alive on the page.  Thank you rain.  Thank you for this glorious day and thank you my creative gods!

Before I can bring THE UNTITLED MIND BENDER treatment and outline into my laptop, I will write it out once more in my gold notebook.

Writing is rewriting.  

Thank goodness for rainy days!

Do you ever use pen and paper first?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.



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